Saturday, April 30, 2011

Looking east late yesterday

"It is helpful to realize that when we are stuck, blocked, or hurting, there is usually a very good reason. And because there is usually a good reason, we would be wise to uncover it at a pace that is in keeping with our ability to integrate what we uncover. What may appear at first to be a jungle of useless weeds may be weeds that stabilize a slope."

(Donna Farhi), from Bringing Yoga to Life)


Kevin said...

great color. kjm

Taradharma said...

brilliant photograph - those glowing trees against the dark sky and spectacular.

Excellent quote, as well. One we would all be wise (and happier) if we could hear it.

Anonymous said...

Those trees are magnificent. Love light like that.

Ciara said...

Wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you.