Friday, April 8, 2011

"Gift of April"

Look here for Kayoko Designs. A old friend told me about talking with Kayoko and Nori at a fair in the coast hills above San Francisco Bay, buying some of Kayoko's lovely jewelry and hearing Nori's acoustic guitar music on a CD at their booth. My friend sent me two of Nori's CDs, "Gift of April"(2010) and "Pathway in my Dream" (2002). I wish you could hear Nori's music. It is what I've been listening to more than anything else since receiving the CDs some time ago. Just found their website this evening. Maybe those of you in California will see them at a fair sometime.


Kevin said...

coming out of the fog is such a lovely piece. wow, back from a week of howling rain at the ocean and this is spring fire. perfect. glad you have the sr book, you should have it.

bev said...

The book looks lovely and Kayoko's jewelry is just exquisite. I hope you are feeling less stressed by work now. I also hope that good weather comes to your region sometime soon. I have made it to eastern Ontario - 9 days of driving and 8 nights camped at parks. It seemed so much further than the much longer route up through the west and across the prairies and over Lake Superior. I'll post photos very soon. Take care, bev

am said...

Kevin: Thanks for stopping by!

bev: Good to know that you are in eastern Ontario. You have been in my thoughts. You take care, too.