Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Birds singing at 4 a.m. / Blue sky alternating with dark clouds

When I read Sabine's recent post about blog housekeeping, I didn't realize that I was no longer receiving an email each time someone commented on my blog.  Finally I realized that there was a backlog of comments that were awaiting my moderation.  Thank you for your comments.  I am sustained by our conversations through our comments.   

This time of year brings frequent changes in the weather in the coastal Pacific Northwest.  It's been cold enough at night that I am sleeping as well as I do in the winter, with all my winter covers on my bed and all my windows wide open.  I'm enjoying watching my porch garden bloom.  I've been seeing an osprey flying above the portion of Lake Whatcom that is just beyond Scudder Pond as well as Great Blue Herons.  There is still some cottonwood fluff in the air.  I've seen more Swallowtails than I can ever remember seeing.

Morelle at Rivertrain brought Daša Drndić's life and death to my attention with a link to the interview titled "There Are No Small Fascisms." Our public library has a copy of Trieste, and I've put it on hold.  From what I've read about the book, it is as difficult and challenging to read as The Parable of the Sower, by Octavia Butler, and as important to read in these times.  


beth coyote said...

I just figured out the same thing and found a backlog of comments to my blog!

this old lady can learn new things!

Sabine said...

Thank you for everything here. Reading and keeping our minds open is so important, more than ever.

I read this here (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/11/trump-world-order-who-will-stop-him) and I ask myself, where is the revolution? Are we able and ready for it? Or too complacent?

am said...

Sabine -- Thank you for that sobering link. Good questions. The revolution will be like and unlike any other. Its roots are right here, right now. The books and resources that I find most helpful are of those who were part of the resistance during World War II (Sophie Scholl and Jacques Lusseyran, for example) and the ongoing centuries-long resistance of African Americans and Native Americans. It is a struggle for us to find balance but I believe there is a balance between the darkness of these times and all the light that we can and cannot see. No action too small to bring light.