Sunday, June 3, 2018

Spontaneous Hexagram 62 / Canada Goose / The beginnings of Mandala #31

The lovely carved Canada Goose that inspired me to begin Mandala #31 is signed "Aningayou." I don't recall looking at the signature since before the days of the internet.  Otherwise, I am sure that I would have researched the name before today.  Although I could have sworn that the carving was given to me by my youngest sister in the 1990s, a little bit of googling shows that the artist, Chris Aningayou, was born in 1983 and lives in Nome, Alaska.  Given that he would have been 20 years old in 2003 and that I am absolutely sure that my sister gave it to me previous to that, it appears that he must have carved it as a teenager.

While out walking a few days ago, I noticed some scattered pieces of a downed tree that made me think of the I Ching.  I arranged them into two trigrams and photographed them.  When I was home again, I put them together as a hexagram which turned out to be:

62.  Hsaio Kuo / Preponderance of the Small (Thunder On The Mountain)

The structure of the hexagram gives rise to the idea that this message is brought by a bird ...

(Source: Scroll down to Hexagram 62)


beth coyote said...

Thanks for 'piper'

And your beautiful walk.

Elizabeth said...

What an interesting idea to "throw" the IChing with random sticks on the ground outside. I'm going to try that. I often use the Iching -- have three designated coins and now the lazy man's online version. I'd love to talk to you some day about it, as I don't know many people who use it.

am said...

Elizabeth -- Good to know that you use the I-Ching, too. It was in 1968 when I was a freshman at UC Irvine that I first bought a copy of Richard Wilhelm's version of the I-Ching after my dorm roommate did a reading for me from her copy. Bob Dylan and Country Joe and the Fish were also instrumental in bring in the I-Ching to my attention that year. My first readings were done with pennies. Sometime in the 1990s, I began using dimes, each one of which I had a jeweler cut a tiny waxing moon. Throughout the years, I have noticed patterns in the environment that resembled hexagrams and have been curious to see what they might mean in the light of the I-Ching. You've inspired me to do another post on the I-Ching. Thank you!