Monday, June 25, 2018

Totem Pole Journey 2018 / Kwel Hoy (Enough is enough): House of Tears Carver speaking about our children and grandchildren and the healing power of creativity

(the above photo comes from the Sacred Sea website and was taken in Los Angeles during Totem Pole Journey 2018, which began in May 2018 from the Lummi Nation in Whatcom County, Washington)

Learn about Totem Pole Journey 2018.

Learn about previous journeys:

Listen to a student documentary where Jewell James talks about the creative process and its role in healing:

With this and all the separated children in mind, Mandala #31 continues to unfold:


Sabine said...

This was such a moving thing to watch and listen to. I am looking forward to your next mandala.

37paddington said...

looking forward to the completed mandala!