Saturday, August 25, 2018

Mother Earth / Father Sky / Brother Sun / Sister Moon

Something's Burning

Something is burning, baby, something’s in flames
There’s a man going ’round calling names
Ring when you’re ready, baby, I’m waiting for you
I believe in the impossible, you know that I do.

-- Bob Dylan lyrics from "Something's Burning, Baby" from "Empire Burlesque" (1985)

Even though it's raining here today, the Washington State Air Quality Monitoring website indicates that our air quality is "Unhealthy."  Predictions are that we will have smoke in the air on and off through September from out-of-control fires.

The whole wide world is watching.

Listen to Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas speak:


37paddington said...

We all need to believe everything is possible now, especially the good.

Sabine said...

Thank you for this, your insightful links are stimulating as usual.

Despite my moments of despair and giving up, I am certain that we must continue to act as if changes in human behaviour, individual and collective, on any scale will make a difference. It would be amazing if these changes were massive and radical but what do I know.