Wednesday, August 8, 2018

"Under the Red Sky" / 1990, 2017, 2018 / Summer Sky with Bird

Although sky isn't red here this summer so far, it was red for 11 days at this time last year from wildfires in Eastern Washington and British Columbia as well as a local fire.

Just now, while thinking about the massively out-of-control fire in Shasta County in Northern California and reading about the red sky in the Central Valley of California as a result of that fire, I remembered Bob Dylan's album from 1990 which was titled "Under the Red Sky," and I again remembered the song called "Unbelievable."  Bettye LaVette does justice to that eerily prescient song from the album "Under the Red Sky."  

Now I'm remembering when the oil fields were on fire in Kuwait in 1991.

When I looked up into the hot summer sky in the coastal Pacific Northwest, I saw a bird:


ellen abbott said...

the planet is a living thing.

My life so far said...

Thank you

Tara said...

perfect for these times. I, too, remember when the oil fields were on fire. Apocalyptic. I am hoping these fires are soon extinguished, but I don't think they will be. Meanwhile, my N95 face masks arrived today.

37paddington said...

A bird of hope, much like you. Thank you.