Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tapestry / Wildfires / "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry"

(Smoky light on my tapestry woven by my friend, Linda Rees.  The link shows this tapestry as well as a few of her works along with the work of a variety of tapestry weavers.)

My windows have been closed for several days, ever since the smoke from the fires in British Columbia increased to an unhealthy level, close to the designation "hazardous." My shades are drawn down to block out the view of the smoke-filled sky.  My air cleaner runs 24 hours a day along with my portable air conditioner.  This helps the indoor air quality to some degree.  I am fortunate to own those appliances.  The air cleaner was purchased long ago to help relieve allergy symptoms. When I began working at home, I purchased the air conditioner so that I would be able to work without being unbearably hot during the summers.

Everyone here is affected by the smoke, especially the growing population of homeless people.  It is difficult to think clearly, difficult to do all the things we need to do.

Just before creating today's post, I read this from beth's blog, the cassandra pages.  I want to share her  post.


Birdie said...

I live in British Columbia and the smoke here is indeed terrible. It is apparently the worst air on the planet. I can believe it. I look across to my neighbours and everything is in a haze.

ellen abbott said...

it's unbearable outside here too but not because of smoke. just the heat. beautiful tapestry work by your friend and others.