Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mandala #34: Planting a Winter Garden / Flowering Quince Fruit Appears

At the end of 2017, I set a goal of creating at least 12 mandalas in 2018 with the intention of making a second mandala calendar.  Here is a tiny blurry screen shot of the iPhoto template I used, showing the cover of my 2018 calendar with the first two months.

I had three calendars made using that iPhoto template.  Then I found a less expensive way to make calendars locally.  This year, as of yesterday, I have completed 7 of the 12.  If I can create a mandala a week now, I will soon have my 12 mandalas for a 2019 calendar.  Today I am feeling confident that I will succeed.  When I began this mandala series, I created the first 7 mandalas between September 2014 and December 2014. 

In the past few days, I noticed a tiny quince fruit forming on the flowering quince on my porch.  This is the first time I have noticed a fruit on my flowering quince since it came to live on my porch in 2013, inspired by The Solitary Walker's book of poetry "Raining Quinces".  A little Googling shows that flowering quinces have their first fruit at 2-5 years.  My flowering quince appears to be right on schedule.  I wonder if it fruited before without me being aware.


ellen abbott said...

what a wonderful calendar! let me know if you do. and what a nice surprize your flowering quince has given you. I think you probably would have noticed if it had fruited before. my night blooming cereus has two seed pods forming from it's recent blooming, the first time ever for it to make seed pods. seems I've had it about four or five years too.

am said...

ellen abbott -- Thank you! I don't make the calendars to sell, just a few for gifts during the holidays (-:

I'm fascinated by your night blooming cereus. Did not realize that they formed seed pods.

Tara said...

your madalas are beautiful. I love the goal you set for yourself, and what a treat to be able to see them year round on a calendar.

That quince is lovely as well. What patience it takes if you're expecting fruit! I miss the fruit trees in my former yard -- especially the apples and figs. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your mandalas and calendar. So much beauty. And that quince! Yay!

Sabine said...

What a beautiful calendar!

We have that quince as well (the blossoms are red) and in a hot an dry summer, we get fruit but it's a thankless task to make anything from it. Purely decorative - to us humans.
In my grandmother's garden, there were several quince trees producing large bright yellow fruit with a furry surface (and in spring white blossoms). Traditionally, they are used for jelly and quince bread (=cooked fruit pulp spread to dehydrate and then cut into fancy shapes, you find images on google if you earch for Quittenbrot). These trees have long been unfashionable but are making a comeback.

37paddington said...

That calendar is beautiful. If you sold them you’d have many customers, including me, who would give them to others as gifts. Your creation of the mandalas is a spiritual pursuit and it’s lovely to have a years worth of them like that. Let me know if you change your mind and offer some for sale. Love.