Saturday, October 6, 2018

Whereas / Centuries of Injustice / Centuries of Resistance / Survival Against All Odds

We are not defeated.  The so-called victory of those who claim victory is hollow.  It always has been.
MS. LONG SOLDIER: Just briefly, in “38,” it’s written to and for the Dakota 38, who were 38 Dakota men who were hung under the orders of President Abraham Lincoln as a result of the Sioux uprising, which came at a time when Dakota people, their territory, their land, was getting smaller and smaller, and finally down to something like a 10-mile tract. And the Dakota people, did not have hunting rights beyond that. They had no store credit with the traders, and so they were basically starving. So there was an uprising, and as a result, these 38 men were hung, and then Dakota people were moved west to the South Dakota area in different — basically, they lost their land in the Minnesota region.
MS. TIPPETT: This was the largest legal mass execution in U.S. history, and it happened the same week that President Lincoln signed The Emancipation Proclamation. This history we don’t know.
MS. LONG SOLDIER: That’s right.
MS. TIPPETT: Or we don’t teach. So this emerged, your patience, writing all of this.
MS. LONG SOLDIER: Yeah, absolutely. I think that I’ve learned through writing the reward and the joy that comes out of just being really patient with a piece and patient with yourself. I think, at least, for me, the imagination is something that I really have to really respect like its own little person in me. So I can’t demand too much of it. Sometimes I have to let it take a rest and then come back and be in conversation with it again. But it’s a beautiful process that I’ve learned through writing.

We are not defeated.  We are stronger than ever.  There are more of us than ever.  We are a diverse community.  Remember that.


ellen abbott said...

this is their swan song...we hope. it all depends on November.

Tara said...

Thank you so much for this. ALong these lines, here's what I posted elsewhere:

Scoundrels, rapists, murderers, drunks and abusers have been in the halls of power since time began. Take a breath.

His confirmation has diminished our faith in the Supreme Court, but really, didn't that start when they ruled that Bush won over Gore?

There are many across the globe who bear heavy heavy burdens that impact their lives every day. We are no different, and in many ways we are more fortunate than most.

This will be a long effort, a lifetime effort, so pace yourself and remember to lead with your heart and your intellect. Look for the love, and the good people that restore your faith in humanity. We need every person to be their most healthy, in every way.

And VOTE. Fund campaigns you believe in -- put your money where your values are. The donations to great organizations that protect our freedoms (including reproductive health) have sky rocketed since this administration came into Washington. We have not lost all of our power, even though it may feel like it today.

Hugs all around.

am said...

ellen abbott and Tara Crowley -- Thank you for your comments. Swan song. Hugs all around.