Sunday, October 28, 2018

"We need to build a world where this kind of hatred is a thing of the past..." / Mandala #36: Winter Soldiers

Kentucky Kroger store deaths

From Rachel Barenblatt on Velveteen Rabbi:

"We need to build a world where this kind of hatred is a thing of the past. Right now it's hard to believe that such a world will ever be possible, but we have to keep building toward it. Because the alternative is accepting that what's happening now is okay, and that's unbearable."


ellen abbott said...

unfortunately I think we'd have to change the nature of human beings in order to do so.

Sackerson said...

I think we should do more to stop this. It's a good film but it has to be said we do more than ignore the war. Our countries make and sell weapons, and are reluctant to put pressure on Saudi Arabia that might help end it.

It's wrong that the killing of a journalist (Khassoggi) can become an international incident while the routine killing of thousands is overlooked.

Unknown said...

It's a bad thing to know what has fallen over from the abyss. My people build on laws of the land its not owned by Tibetan they were holy meta base of power. As well as all in the energy of force. Wtf i not perfect but it's crazy to see this now perhaps no knowledge building anymore. I might go refugee Saudi if I can go. Rebel forces power to be a extremist is low but a nothing is lower. You wouldn't understand even if they wanted to.