Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mandala #35: Revisiting the Veterans Wall Dream (1974)

At the center is this.

Beyond all reason is the mystery of love. (Thaddeus Golas)


Tara said...

Thad was spot on.

ellen abbott said...

lovely mandala. we visited the VietNam memorial years ago. I was against the war and marched on Washington in protest. Still, it surprised me at how emotional my response was. it's a very powerful memorial.

Sabine said...

When I have the energy, I cycle along the river for a half hour downstream and another half hour back upstream. At the place where I turn, there is a bench and one of these aged and faded memorials to the local fallen soldiers from WWI, built some time around 1919/1920. Today, I actually read through all the names for the first time. I really cannot explain why I didn't do that earlier.