Friday, March 2, 2007

Calendar Series: 39th Month / Talking Rainbow with Pastures of Plenty (1988)

This is the last of the Calendar Series images that were done on a 12 x 16 Arches watercolor block. When I finished that block, I began to paint on an 18 x 24 block. I continued with the same numbering system, but the nature of the images began to change as I worked on a larger sheet of paper. 

To hear Pete Seeger sing "Pastures of Plenty," which was written by Woody Guthrie, go to YouTube and type in "Pastures of Plenty." I first heard the song sung by Woody Guthrie on a Folkways album I found at the public library when I was in high school. I learned about Woody Guthrie from Bob Dylan who also sings a moving version of this great song.

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robin andrea said...

I am looking forward to the series now painted on larger blocks. I've really enjoyed this series so much. The details and colors just knock me out. Beautiful.