Friday, March 30, 2007

Calendar Series: 68th Month / Flying Fish with Blue Tree (1990)

"Flying Fish with Blue Tree" is the last painting from 1990. We are coming to the end of the Calendar Series. In 1991, I did only one painting. In that year, an artist friend, Kevin Schnoebelen, died of ALS and left me his art supplies. In 1992, I completed the last four paintings of the Calendar Series.

Five paintings were completed 1993, and one in 1994, a few months before my mother died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack, after which my father made a decision to move from California to live in a retirement community in my town.


Anonymous said...

Your calendar series has been a great daily visual. I have especially enjoyed the way each painting invites or allows one to enter. kjm

am said...

Thanks for your comment, kjm. Glad to know you have been following the Calendar Series. After the Calendar Series finishes in a few days, I have approximately 70 more paintings, including paintings done in 2006. I started painting again on March 8th, so I will have new work to show when I finish showing the old work. Creating this blog, among other things, got me painting again!