Saturday, March 10, 2007

Calendar Series: 47th Month / Talking About What is Lost and What is Not Lost (1989)

Finding Daylight After Loss Shatters Your World: Seven Choices 

RESCUE A fire was burning. In another room Somebody was talking. Sunlight slanted Across the foot of my bed, and a glass of water Gleamed where it waited on a chair near my hand. I was alive and the pain in my head Was gone. Carefully I tried thinking Of those I had known. I let them walk And then run, and then open their mouths the way It used to cause the throbbing. It didn’t hurt Anymore. Clearer and clearer I stared Far into the glass. I was cured. From now on in my life there would be a place Like a scene in a paperweight. One figure in the storm Would be reaching out with my hand for those Who had died. It would always be still in that scene, No matter what happened. I could come back to it, Carefully, any time, to be saved, and go on. (Poem by William Stafford on p. 344 of FINDING DAYLIGHT AFTER LOSS SHATTERS YOUR WORLD: SEVEN CHOICES, by Elizabeth Harper Neeld, Ph.D.) The word MOURNING in Sanskrit means "to remember." Karma Repair Kit: Items 1-4

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