Saturday, March 3, 2007

Calendar Series: 40th Month / Imaginary Brothers with Questions (1989)

This is the first of 30 images painted in gouache and watercolor, using paper from 18 x 24 Arches watercolor blocks, as well as being the first image from 1989.


Loren said...

Theres' a tremendous sense of isolation here, am.

Though not quite as much despair as in some of your earlier paintings.

am said...

Yes. The image came from a photo I was asked to take in Hawaii during 4th of July week in 1970.

In the painting, I added a young man approaching from a distance to help alleviate the isolation of the young man in the foreground.

I remember, after he came home from Vietnam, that he quietly and ruefully said to me one day that he missed having men around who understood how things are.

Lori Witzel said...


You know, I missed the anomie Loren cited -- I felt this was much more a meditative silence.

Interesting how my particular "filter" caused such a different feeling to arise.