Friday, March 9, 2007

Calendar Series: 46th Month / Land Fish with Open Hearts Confronting Stranded Tool (1989)

After my March 1990 show at Blue Horse Gallery, I was approached by a local company which silkscreened designs on T-shirts. They liked this painting very much and wanted to use my painting on their T-shirts. Perhaps I should have accepted their offer. At the time, though, my goal was to be taken seriously as a gallery artist. Today I might have made a different decision. My father liked this painting, so I gave it to him as a gift. It hung in his living room in his retirement community apartment in Bellingham. When he moved to West Seattle the year before he died, he gave it back to me. The rusted antique tool was also used in "Calendar Series: 31st Month / Singing Tool with Full Moon Rising," from 1988:

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37paddington said...

I wasn't following you when you posted this, I wasn't even blogging yet, but oh how I love your paintings! You have a truly original eye.