Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Awake" / 1967 -- 17 years old

Toward the afternoon sky, the dream soared like a child's runaway kite ...

(page 17)


Fifteen years ago, on the morning of December 3, 1994, my mother died suddenly and unexpectedly of a massive heart attack in Gualala, California. I remember driving around in a daze punctuated by waves of tears, listening to Bob Dylan's tape, "Oh Mercy," over and again. My mother loved "Ring Them Bells" from that tape. She loved that he sang, "Ring them bells so the world will know / That God is One." Although she didn't like Bob Dylan when I first began playing his albums in my bedroom in the summer of 1965, she did begin to like Joan Baez after Joan's only son was born. She related to Joan as a mother relates to another mother. In later years, she thanked me for introducing her to Bob Dylan's music. This is for you, Mom, with all my love:

Still makes me smile to remember that my mother liked "Ring Them Bells" so much that she wrote the lyrics out as she heard them and showed them to me. She wore a hearing aid and heard "lilies that bloom" as "sillies that goof."

Ring them bells St. Catherine
From the top of the roof
Ring them from the fortress
For the sillies that goof

My guess is that my mother would have loved the video of Bob Dylan singing "Must Be Santa." My guess is that Richard would have, too. I can see and hear them laughing together.

May there always be laughter and sillies that goof!


Anonymous said...

god bless those lovely interpretations.kjm

gleaner said...

I was just looking for a u-tube clip of this song and here one is - my year for this song is 2009 as I think it was a post by you or Solitary Walker that introduced me to it...I just love it!

bev said...

Nice tribute and memories to your mother, am.
That's a funny recollection about the mondegreen. It actually makes some sense in that context.

Anonymous said...

I like your mom's version best.

cheers, am/

Anonymous said...

Check in after a long break from all things tech-y.
Hope you are well.
Found a blog you might enjoy--Ornamental it's the work & musings of artist Nina Bagley. I hope to take a workshop with her in the summertime.
Nancy in Iowa

am said...

Nancy in Iowa -- Thanks for stopping by and for the link to Nina Bagley