Friday, December 25, 2009

Peace on Earth / Goodwill to All

5 a.m.:

10 a.m.:

11 a.m.:

1 p.m.:

(The preview of 42 years: a book of changes will resume in the spring)

Here's Oboe with her new blue mouse, a gift from my sister's Bernese Mountain Dog pup:


Dale said...


Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

am: I was hoping to find you a tale of a cat, a blue mouse, a perching bird and a gum drop tree but could find none for the nonce.

Hope you enjoy the Feast of Stephen nonetheless.

cheers from Graulhet.

Anonymous said...

oboe practices the peace on earth act with a bird over his shoulder and a wee mouse inches away. contemplative cat. kjm

bev said...

All are such peaceful scenes, especially the photo of Oboe by your loom.

Dawn said...

what great weather! We did enjoy it. Love that lantern too.

robin andrea said...

Looks like your Christmas Day was quite beautiful, am. Season's greetings and good cheer to you.

Anonymous said...

Good things to you in the New Year

am said...

Dale, r.l., kjm, bev, Dawn, robin andrea:

As always, thanks so much for your presence and your comments.

In the last week I've been doing extensive footwork once again with the hope of being employed in the next few weeks and beyond, possibly until I am 70 years old (Yikes!! Ten more years!).

Will be quite a change to relinquish 36-40 hours per week in order to make a living, but I'm ready to do that. Will have to pace myself and figure out what I can do each day. Will have to take good care of myself in the process. In a sense, I retired in the end of 2005 and am finding it necessary to return to work at the beginning of 2010.

My most creative years began in a dark time, which was followed by finding a 36 hr/week job as a medical transcriptionist working in a demanding hospital setting. Somehow that job focused me so that I could do some of my strongest creative work. I had six years filled with creative energy, but more dark times followed, and eventually I became unable to do art work and then unable to work as a transcriptionist.

There is light in this winter's darkness.

As Theodore Roethke wrote:

"In a dark time, the eye begins to see."

And see "The Darkling Thrush" at Loren's blog:

Kindest wishes for the new year!