Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remembering the stories where children could go into other worlds / 1967 -- 18 years old

where things were different
than they always are

(page 21)


The album covers are getting ahead of the poetry, so I'm going to try something different -- posting the Bob Dylan album cover(s) that coincide with the time each poem was written. Otherwise, I'm all over the place emotionally, and my guess is that it is confusing to the reader. I may or may not go back and revise the previous posts. That's what I love about blogging. It gives me free rein in the creative process.

A few days ago, I became aware of water dripping from the ceiling near the desk where I usually work on my blog. While I was upstairs asking my neighbor to turn her water off, the light bulb in the fixture that lights my desk got wet and then exploded. I keep finding little pieces of glass in the vicinity of that light fixture. Fortunately, the water damage is minor; however, now there is a large noisy blue fan in my computer area, placed by water damage technicians. The fan is running 24 hours a day with the goal of drying the ceiling and the space above it. For the most part, Oboe and I are staying as far away from the fan as possible:


The Edge Columns said...

There's a sadness to being. Being your age. Losing your age. We are the same age. I read about your R and Vietnam and how it affected you. Life can be art. And then it's gone.

am said...

The Edge Columns -- Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your thoughtful comment.

I'm not sure how much you know of the story of the relationship between me and Richard. I hope you will keep reading as the story, told through art and poetry, unfolds. It's a love story.

For me, stronger than sadness is the love that endured for 42 years and continues to this day.

Although these last 19 months since Richard's death have been difficult, I'm glad to be alive for the joy as well as the sadness.

bev said...

I've been enjoying all of your pages so far. I'm quite excited to see the book itself.
That's rather upsetting about the water leaking into your apartment. I hope it can be properly fixed and very dried out. I have something of a paranoia about mold in houses, so that always come to mind when I hear of water leaks - but it sounds like the water leak people are taking proper precautions. Still, it sounds very disruptive.

am said...

bev -- The technicians came to take the fan away today. The ceiling and the space above the ceiling are have dried.

Now I can post images from my book in my usual spot looking out onto Scudder Pond instead of at the desk at the other end of my condominium.