Wednesday, December 23, 2009

His First Word Was "Light" / 2006 -- 56 years old

When there was no teacher, life gave us a bridge.

(page 57)

And from the Taittiraya Upanishad:

"From Joy all things are born; by Joy are all things are sustained; to Joy all things return."

Oboe playing Arctic fox. It's cold out there:

Oboe's cat grass -- a gift from her friends at the art farm:

Watch someone whose laughter embodies "To Joy all things return."."


Anonymous said...

that footage is sweet, am.

Here's wishing you a pleasant Eve of Feast, and friends with whom to celebrate the Holiday, as well.

best from Graulhet.

art farmer said...

Awww...all these recent blog posts make me cry with happiness, you have so captured the Magic, especially the Arctic Fox and later with the Gumdrop Tree! Thank you for being quiet and observant enough to appreciate such subtle beauty and the loveliness of George...we all miss him so much, maybe he is in the colors of the gumdrop tree laughing along with his music, our music! Thank you!

am said...

r.l. and art farmer -- Thanks so much for being here for the celebration of life and laughter.