Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Then I remembered

This was how I experienced love.
I was innocent of forgiveness.

(page 55)

After several false starts, I was able to begin weaving on my inkle loom last night. The pattern is not the one I had planned. I made a simple mistake as I was putting the warp on the loom last Thursday but didn't notice it until last night. My decision last night was to leave the mistake as it was and see what pattern it produced instead of the little rectangles I had hoped for. Then, as I was weaving, there was a power outage!! Funny, the obstacles that arise when I try to weave this particular pattern. Later, when the lights came back on, I took this photo of Oboe and the inkle loom:

When I saw this post by Solitary Walker, I remembered the words of an elderly Jewish woman who remarked that, given some of the experiences during her lifetime, she didn't have to be a Christian to be moved by the story of the life and death of Jesus.


The Solitary Walker said...

Beautiful poem. Forgiveness can only come after desire, after desire is understood. It's a natural progression.

am said...

Thank you so much for your words on desire and forgiveness, solitary walker.

Anonymous said...

no, you didn't make a mistake on the loom - you created a new pattern and a lovely one at that.

The poem is lovely. I love the light on Oboe.

best, am.

am said...

r.l. -- Thank you (-:

bev said...

The inkle weaving looks beautiful, with colors simlar to several of your paintings. Leaving the "mistake" puts me in mind of the intentional mistakes that exist in Navajo weavings.

am said...

bev -- Thank you for reminding me about the Navajo weavings!

art farmer said...

Oh my gosh what a deeply moving photograph. So rich, so textured, so Oboe and the loom, sounds like it should be an Irish tune, eh? "Oboe and the Loom..." There is no such thing as a mistake on an inkle loom, we learned that in kindergarten!