Sunday, September 16, 2018

Dark Night Meditation From The North Country

I know.  It's way too much all at once.  I couldn't sleep.

Way too much all at once.  That's for sure.


ellen abbott said...

I generally just play solitaire when I can't sleep.

Tara said...

oh, poor you, that really is a lot. But that song from Sheila in "Girl from the North Country" and Rosanne Cash -- oh my oh my. Thank you for that. I'll check in on the other's later.

I try and read novels when I can't sleep, because when I watch these stunning videos, they arose me and keep me up!

37paddington said...

I shall be back later to sample these videos, as I am taking a break from work at this moment and visiting you. as for sleep, computer, tablet and cell phone screens emit a bluish light that has been shown to stimulate wakefulness in the brain. So your explorations may actually have made you more awake. Lovely, evocative middle of the night selections, though. Thank you.