Friday, September 28, 2018

"... I am no one's pawn." (Dr. Christine Blasey Ford)

As a witness to Brett Kavanaugh's tears and rage during the confirmation hearing as he denied any wrongdoing, I am absolutely sure that he is guilty as charged by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  I have no doubt that his tears and that rage are those of a person who knows he is guilty and and is cornered and terrified. 
"A good justice should be objective and fair-minded, not guided by strong preconceived opinions.

A good justice should be empathetic, not focused on oneself.

A good justice should be calm, not angry.

A good justice should show grace under pressure, not be easily rattled.

A good justice should be even-tempered, not short-tempered.

A good justice should be thoughtful, not strident.

A good justice should in the face of adversity show courage, not petulance."


ellen abbott said...

if nothing else, Kavanaugh showed himself to be completely unsuited to the Supreme court.

dritanje said...

Thanks for posting these clips and your comments. Indeed, the images of Kavanaugh's face was quite frightening and as ellen says, shows unsuitability for Supreme court judge.