Friday, September 7, 2018

Speaking out to all the generations

"You can be the generation that at a critical moment stood up and reminded us just how precious this experiment in democracy really is, just how powerful it can be when we fight for it, when we believe in it."
He ended the speech, which went just over an hour, by telling them, "I believe in you," and promising he would "be right there with you every step of the way."
In other words, the former president is no longer going to shy away from speaking out.

(Perhaps everyone has listened to this already.  I just finished listening to it and want it here for the record)


ellen abbott said...

I haven't listened to it though I have heard so many of his fine speeches. I'm glad he is finally speaking out. Let's hope enough people listen.

37paddington said...

He is like the benevolent father, who believes in the best of us. I pray his belief is not misplaced.

Elizabeth said...

It's so difficult to grasp how this has happened in this country -- that we've gone from that beautiful man to the horrific one we have now.