Monday, September 24, 2018

I'm now safe from the Google and Blogger Sharks that were attacking my blog

This morning I am happy to say that I was able to figure out for myself what the problem has been with my blog.

In yet another attempt to find a solution, I went to a Google forum for people having similar but not identical problems.  There was talk there about which browser a person was using.  I've been stubborn about sticking to my Safari browser.  It seems that Google (Blogger) has arranged it so that I can no longer use Safari if I want my blog to work or if I want to leave comments at other blogs.

When I logged into my blog from Google Chrome, my blog was restored to its usual self, and I could once again comment on other blogs.

Interestingly, when I logged into Google Chrome's email system, which is gmail, I found two emails from the Blogger Support Forum.  Those emails were not accessible to me on Safari.  However, I had read similar responses to my request for help at the Blogger Support Forum.  The suggestions from the Blogger Support Forum in that email and on the Blogger Support Forum were complex and overwhelming.  There was no suggestion there to simply change the browser I was using.

Thank goodness for the gifts of perseverance and intuition that have brought me through so many problems, large and small!  Thank you to everyone who tried to help me solve this problem!

Update:  I just checked to see if my blog works in Firefox.  It does.


ellen abbott said...

I switched to Chrome a long time ago because I kept getting notices that Safari would no longer be supported and sites may not work well. so glad the solution was so easy.

am said...

ellen abbott -- Interesting that my blog worked on Safari until now!

I'm writing this while on Firefox. The comment is in a different font. Everything is so interesting today. Always something new!

ellen abbott said...

I tried firefox for awhile but it was too troublesome.

Sabine said...

I've always used firefox, you can change the font etc. in the settings. Anyway, good for you that it works!