Friday, June 3, 2022

After a single clap of thunder / Mandala #68 / From 2014 to 2022


Mandala #68:  Being My Own Loving Parent, with Witnesses

This is the third mandala drawn with my non-dominant left hand, using a 6B pencil.  I drew the yellow circle with my right hand, using a Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencil, tracing around a plastic container cover as I have done with all my mandalas since 2014.  

Mandala #1


There has been no more thunder today after that one clap.  I walked in the woods under an umbrella for about an hour.  I saw a pair of robins hopping from tree to tree and vocalizing.  One stopped briefly and looked directly at me.  

What to make of the sound of one thunder clapping?


ellen abbott said...

Your mandalas are so interesting. My mind or rather creative muse just doesn't work like that.

Sabine said...

It is always such a delight to see your mandalas.

Joared said...

Interesting development of your mandalas.