Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Update: Heiroglyph sky in the early morning / Fast-moving clouds and swallows in the deep blue sky / Against all odds


 Recorded in the last year and up to the last few days.  The younger generations taking up the power of imagination against all odds:


A local friend of mine has a Spanish language tutor who lives in Guanajuato.  In their study session they talked about the overturn of Roe vs Wade.  My friend sent a link to the Guardian article which included this link to Las Libres.

Against all odds.  


NewRobin13 said...

Lovely hieroglyph sky photo. Lots of people singing Imagine these days. We've been imagining for a very long time.

Sabine said...

The official logo on all signs at Liverpool's John Lennon airport is: "Above us only sky." I would love to fly there just to see it.