Saturday, June 4, 2022

Meditation at the end of a rainy day in June 2022: Francis Whitebird's story of his experiences as a medic long ago, told by Gil Birmingham / Rachel Strugatsky's story in the midst of a current war




Francis Whitebird says, "It's a good day to live."

Rachel Strugatsky says, "I wholeheartedly believe in Ukraine's bright future."


NewRobin13 said...

I didn't listen/watch the whole video. I wanted to hear about his experience as a Medic during the war. I did hear him mention that his father fought in the Battle of the Bulge. My father was a combat medic and was also at the Battle of the Bulge, tending to soldiers there behind enemy lines. When will we ever stop making war? Ever?

am said...

Robin -- I thought of your father when I heard Francis Whitebird tell his story. From what I know about your father after World War II and from what Francis Whitebird said about his experience as a Lakota after returning from the Vietnam War, my understanding is that they both were able to make peace with themselves and others. Still, no easy answer.

I am trying to envision Memorial Days that remember the end of war, never forgetting its sorrows, so that war doesn't happen again. It seems impossible and yet who knows what the future will bring?

Joared said...

Would that wars would end. Ukraine survivors will have such a challenge to rebuild their lives when they finally return home. My older brother was spared combat in WWII -- wanted an assignment on a submarine but seemed he was always needed ashore. Finally got an assignment, then his commanding officer cancelled it at the last minute. The sub went out, was never heard from again.